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12 Microsoft Power BI success stories

Thor Olavsrud | Aug. 17, 2017
Microsoft Power BI provides organisations with self-service business intelligence tools that allow users to analyse, visualise and share data using the familiar Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. Here are 12 success stories built on Power BI.


Condé Nast reduces redundant reporting tasks

Condé Nast, a global media company, needed better insight into the performance of its 20 industry-leading print and digital media brands, but struggled with pulling data together from multiple sources. Additionally, it often fielded redundant requests from the sales and editorial teams.

"Because we have multiple brands, we get a lot of the same requests for data," says Cara Weiss, senior director of marketing analytics at Condé Nast. "There's also a lot of back and forth with one request, because there might be four or five iterations before they see the story they want to tell."

The company implemented a solution based on Power BI, providing cross-platform insights into data from multiple sources and partners. The self-service nature of Power BI has decreased Condé Nast's “time-to-answer” by decentralizing the dissemination of centrally maintained information and increased the business's agility. The company cut its redundant reporting tasks by 30 percent.

"Power BI is a solution for the 'second question' problem we're increasingly seeing," says Justin Glatz, director of business and corporate systems at Condé Nast. "Many other BI solutions work well for answering that first question, but it's almost impossible to follow up. In contrast, Power BI seems designed from the start to quickly answer the chain of questions that arise after the first inquiry."


Enlighten Designs helps customers unlock their data

New Zealand-based application developer and systems integrator Enlighten Designs wanted to ensure that all of its customers — including small businesses and schools — could benefit from BI tools.

"Our customers are not just looking at gaining insights from their data, but also want to make organizational decisions from it," says Damon Kelly, CEO at Enlighten Designs. "Our customers want to unlock information in such a way that business users can ask questions and get answers themselves instead of waiting for IT to generate a report."

To unlock data and provide customers with data discovery and analysis capabilities they can use with familiar tools, the company is helping customers implement Microsoft Power BI with Microsoft Excel 2013. This provides customers with a cloud-based solution that can be easily used by people at all levels of an organization.

One customer, Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), is now using the tools to identify which students are struggling and in danger of dropping out. The technology allows it to track trends across the student population, but also drill down to find and support individual students.


Helse Vest collects, visualizes and shares medical data

Norwegian regional health authority Helse Vest operates 50 healthcare facilities (including 10 hospitals). As part of a recent national patient safety program, Helse Vest hospitals were asked to collect, visualize and share medical data to identify quality measures and reporting requirements across all care teams and hospitals. That required each of the 10 hospitals to combine data from all facilities in its region for analysis — a daunting task because none had an easy method of combining and visualizing the data.


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