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10 things a developer wishes his boss knows about being "Agile"

Bryan Tan, Regional VP, Asia, Rally Software Development | Feb. 16, 2015
What would you hope your boss would know to make software development a profitable and controllable experience for all?

10. Play is important to us (we are not lazy).
As the age-old adage goes, all work and no play makes Jack (insert any other name) a dull boy, or girl. We love to work, we love to excel, and we love and appreciate your endorsement of our efforts. Along the arduous design and development process, we do need to take short breaks now and then, and play a little. Nothing too outlandish of course, perhaps pinball, a game of soccer, or maybe just get a tan at the beach. A small dose of occasional play takes the stress out of doing developmental work which demands much of our brains, and allows us to get recharged for the next big round of continued development.

* Source: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us, by Daniel H. Pink. 2011


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