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Hong Kong / long exposure traffic near IFC skyscrapers at night / speed / connections / smart cities

asean member flags (asia)

Vietnam should create "digital chances” for enterprises say experts

Experts, scientists and businesses call for "digital chances" at the Industry 4.0 Summit and Expo 2018 in Hanoi.

5G mobile wireless network

Vietnam to earn over US$3 billion from 5G technology

Vietnam’s manufacturing and energy industries could benefit massively from 5G technology says Ericsson President

kuala lumpur malaysia

Malaysian Investment Development Authority to hold major talks on green technology

Malaysian Investment Development Authority will create incentives for businesses implementing green technology

Driverless cars shift into mobile offices during commute

Singapore to introduce new legislation for autonomous vehicles

With the government to provide autonomous vehicle legislation by the second half of 2018, Singapore will be at the forefront of self-driving vehicles testing.

manila philippines

Philippines Gov't to use 6,000km of unused fibre-optic from National Grid

The Philippines’ National Broadband Plan should reduce the cost of high-speed internet and make it easier for everyone to access

jack ma

How Alibaba Cloud plans to disrupt AWS, Microsoft, and Google in EMEA

The Chinese technology powerhouse is building out its EMEA presence, and sees its position as a gateway to the Chinese market as a key differentiator when it comes to competing with AWS, Microsoft and Google

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