Technology is enabling all levels of the enterprise to work more effectively and efficiently, while providing greater visibility on internal and external challenges and opportunities. From a CEO viewing company performance on a dashboard, to a CMO using customer data to more effectively plan engagement and retention; traditional IT has evolved to a point where it is in the position to play an active role in an organisation's transformative change.

So, how are forward thinking CXOs using technology to identify their objectives and deliver valuable results? Join Executive Networks Media (the publishers of CIO Asia Magazine) and IDC Asia/Pacific as we explore the benefits and pitfalls of technology at the LOB level.

We have also listened to the feedback from delegates who say that the traditional conference format - with the one way flow of information from speaker to audience - does not really promote engagement. They want one-on-one time with the speakers, they want to be able to relate to the content and they want to network and discuss real issues.

With this in mind, the CXO Conference series will run in our innovative and interactive Executive Networking Table (ENT) format. Delegates will go through a series of small, high level, group discussions where you spend 30 minutes on a set topic. The topic is defined, but what you focus on under that topic is dictated by you, the delegate. Ask the burning questions, feel free to disagree and change the direction of the conversation.

No role in an organisation exists in isolation, and to realise the full benefits of technology, you need to collaborate with other parts of the business. By attending the CXO Conference, you will not only meet peers from your job function, but also other C-level executives, thereby widening your networking of contacts.

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