Transform to Deliver the New Value of I.T.

The IT industry has undergone multiple transformations, from its early days with mainframes on the 1st platform to a client server environment with PC and the Internet on the 2nd platform. We are now on the 3rd platform with the rise of 4 disruptive pillars, cloud, mobile, big data analytics and social. The transition from the 2nd to the 3rd platform has so far been the most challenging for the majority of tech buyers and 2nd platform vendors. 3rd platform disruptions are largely created by those born on the 3rd platform. Their quest for innovation has led to the convergence and collision of IT and other industries. The innovations are also creating new business, operating and consumption models in the marketplace.

These disruptions are pushing many to seek transformations to create new markets and opportunities, thus the drive to “Transform to Deliver the New Value of IT”.

At this year’s CIO Summit, IDC with Executive Networks Media and our partners (both suppliers and early users/adopters) will be showcasing the how and the where tech users (businesses, governments and consumers) can take IT to the next level, delivering the value to succeed in the new marketplace.


Event Highlights:

We have listened to the feedback from delegates who say they want more time with the speakers and would like to share their knowledge, expertise and discuss their challenges with assembled delegates. With this in mind, we have created a whole new delegate experience for this year’s Summit.


More Engaging:

Delegates will go through a series of 30 minute Executive Networking Tables (ENTs) and have the opportunity discuss, share and learn about the challenges, solutions and experiences with their peers and subject matter experts. This will lead to greater interaction; and a much more enriching and engaging experience for all participants.


More Networking:

Aside from the networking at the ENTs, we have also set aside at least 2 hours that are dedicated to making sure our attendees catch up with old friends and make new ones.


More Interactive:

From user generated topics at the ENT, to electronic voting devices that instantly capture the responses of the audience and beam them on screen in real-time; the CIO Summit encourages participants to help shape the agenda and create meaningful discussion points at the conference.


More Fun:

Less boring presentations, more conversations and relevant discussions. We also bring back our highly popular and entertaining panels and great debates.

Hosted by Executive Networks Media Pte Ltd