Entries and nominations are now open!

Deadline for entries: 17 May 2013

The CIO Summit will once again be held in conjunction with the IT Excellence Awards (ITX). Previously launched and run under the auspices of MIS Asia magazine (Fairfax Business Media Asia’s flagship media property), the Awards recognise IT organisations and CIOs for management excellence and for the original and creative use of technology to help attain business goals.

Entering its 11th year in 2013, the ITX programme has seen a significant rise in its judging standards and boost in prestige from IDC AP’s direct participation.

This award not only acknowledges the individual contribution of the CIO while applauding the management team for having the foresight to go where few have gone before, it also calls out the judicious use of resources across the entire enterprise as well as rewards the contribution of the entire IS/IT team in delivering the most effective technology and information delivery models to their business users.

The nomination period is now open for new IT projects / systems / initiatives / services implemented in Asia in the past year.

Submission is free and does not require registration.
Click here to download the nomination form.

The ITX Award winners will receive their awards at the annual CIO Summit, to be held in Singapore, 31 July 2013.

If you have questions about the IT Excellence Awards or the nomination process, please contact Teng Fang Yih, E-mail: itexcellence2013@fairfaxbm.com

Entries and nominations are now open!

Deadline for entries: 17 May 2013

Click here to view the 2012 IT Excellence Awards winners and finalists.

Entries and nominations are now open!

Deadline for entries: 17 May 2013

Every nomination will be considered with utmost impartiality. As in previous years, the Award judges will comprise outstanding senior CIOs, industry experts or analysts. The judging process will be as follows:

1. Validation

FBM editors and senior IDC Asia Pacific (IDC AP) consultants will validate all entries. If a nomination does not match the criteria of the selected category, it will be transferred to one which best fits the project. Entries will be checked for completeness and may be returned for more information. If the FBM editors and IDC AP consultants decide the nomination does not meet any of the criteria, they reserve the right to remove the nomination from consideration.

2. Evaluation

Following validation, all nominations will be sent to our panel of independent experts from throughout the region, for evaluation and scoring.

3. Key judging criteria
Projects will be scored against the following.

Execution: How the nominated project was conceived and implemented,

Business alignment: How well the use of IT is typically aligned with the enterprise’s overall business strategy. This should include how the nominated project helps overcome specific business challenges.

Measurable results: Such as those that show specific cost savings, increased sales, time to market, improved margins, new revenue streams, improved shareholder value, increased productivity, reduced customer churn rate, reduced staff turnover and reduced downtime.


  1. CIO Summit 2013, Singapore
    31 July – 1 August 2013
  2. CIO Summit 2013, Hong Kong
    27 August 2013
  3. CIO Summit 2013, Kuala Lumpur
    19 September 2013

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