The Multi-Talented CIO: It’s not just about IT

Faced with an increasingly volatile corporate environment, organisations are experiencing a set of business challenges that seem to be in direct competition to ICT challenges. Corporate CIOs are expected to handle more data, produce innovative solutions to management requirements and adapt to increasingly tech savvy and complex customers. At the same time they have to deal with expensive legacy systems, compete in a shallow pool for the best available talent and work with budgets that do not increase as quickly as the requirements. So how does a CIO deal with these conflicting realities, and how is technology enabling the most forward thinking to achieve this? Join us at the CIO Conference 2014 to discuss the issues affecting CIOs today.

Topics include:

Event highlights:

13th Annual CIO Awards

The landmark conference in Singapore will highlight the five CIO Award winners from the most outstanding organisations in the CIO 100 index –the prestigious annual listing of Asia’s top IT projects for the past year.

The Great Debate
This has proven to be a “signature” yet informative and entertaining feature of CIO Asia’s annual event. The debating teams will argue either side of this point of view – moderated by a host on stage — and the audience will be encouraged to express their views for the benefit of all.

Debate proposition:
“Can LOB managers take the place of a CIO?”

Executive Networking Tables

The CIO Conference 2014 showcases a new format this year. The Executive Networking Table (ENT) format ensures that delegates are able to have in depth discussions with the experts leading the discussions and their peers taking part in the conference. ENTs are hosted by an industry leader who will provide the business perspective, and a technology expert who will provide a perspective with references from successful implementations.

The ENT topics will cover three key themes of Business, Technology and Leadership. Each journey will be dedicated to one of these themes:

A. BUSINESS: Revenue-generating IT Strategies & Business Growth 
CIOs are increasingly regarded as peers by the business leadership, not just enablers of business strategy. They focus externally on markets and end-customers, and they bring external-facing, gaming-changing value to the business—in innovation, decision-making intelligence and competitive differentiation.

  • Information Management
  • High Productivity Cloud
  • Efficiency: Optimising Data Center Infrastructure
  • Mobility & BYOD

With technology becoming increasingly commoditised, consumerised and available in the cloud, the traditional CIO responsibilities of technology selection, procurement and management, are not sufficient for the future. Truly understanding the business value of technology and what they can bring to the boardroom will be one of their key focuses.
Beyond their roles as process transformation enablers and IT function heads, CIOs must become business strategists. Business Strategist is one archetype that characterise IT leaders, based on their primary focus, staff expertise and their prevailing relationship with stakeholders. They deliver distinct value to the enterprise and leverage unique leadership competencies.
  • Next Generation Managed Services
  • The Modern CIO
  • Business Transformation
  • Innovating for a Collaborative Future Workspace

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