The CIO Summit series provides thought provoking and actionable insights to CIOs and Senior IT Executives through a mix of presentations and case studies. Technology heads across Asia will also have the opportunity to hear about the latest global trends, learn from ICT best practices and get involved in general discussions with counterparts and peers during the dedicated networking breaks. The CIO Summit will target 100+ attendees.

The event is brought to you by the combined efforts of IDC and Executive Networks Media. Together, the two organisations are able to leverage their research and editorial insight to create an agenda of thought leaders that will attract an audience of relevant technology decision makers.

The highlight of the CIO Summit is the highly interactive and well received Executive Networking Table format (ENTs). These moderated discussions are led by experts on the subject and allow delegates to contribute more meaningfully to the conversation, ask their counterparts questions, and create a much more interactive and interesting experience. Sprinkled between the ENTs are thought-provoking keynote presentations, debates and panel sessions that address the challenges relevant to all roles present.

For these reasons, the CIO Summit is the perfect platform to learn and discuss the business benefits of technology and their impact on your organisation, now and in the very near future.

CIO Summit Singapore 2016 Highlights Video

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