The Annual CIO Summit is the foremost gathering of CIOs in Asia. The event provides thought provoking and actionable insights to CIOs and Senior IT Executives through a mix of presentations and case studies. Technology heads across Asia will also have the opportunity to hear about the latest global trends, learn from ICT best practices and get involved in general discussions with counterparts and peers during the dedicated networking breaks.

From CIO to the Digital Executive: Innovate, Integrate and Incorporate

With the rapid ramp up of digital transformation (DX) across organisations, few leaders are still yet to harness the full potential of their organisation's ability to produce DX value. Today, successful technology executives must treat digital change as a continuous process – developing competencies across multiple styles of innovation execution by integrating new ideas with existing systems, and architecture without disrupting business operations or customer experience. Leading in 3D, the IDC digital transformation leadership model means delivering end-to-end innovation and incorporation through continuous integration.

To Lead in 3D (L3D) is to organise a plan of action that establishes a feasible sequence for tackling digitalisation challenges. The Digital Executive will forge a lasting collaboration with business partners to drive the transformation engine — from old to new, from unstable to stable, from experimental to operational. For the Digital Executive, Leading in 3D treats the delivery of DX-added business value as a continuous process of linking three critical IT leadership disciplines — innovation (as a partner to the business in fostering IT-enabled innovation), integration (as the owner of the agile processes that transition new platforms to become stable business services — the key to DX success), and incorporation (as a reliable and secure service provider for the established suite of IT-based products and services).

CIOs now must support business change at an accelerating pace and prove their stake in the game by managing all three of these interconnected disciplines on a continuous basis while anticipating the next wave of ecosystem change, driving the digital transformation to the enterprise. We believe the successful CIO will be one who manages to serve the continuous digital integration of the enterprise.

CIO Summit 2015 Highlights

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