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Building on 15 years of success, the CIO Conference returns to provide business and technology leaders with a platform to learn, share and debate the key challenges and opportunities of new technologies and ways of doing business.

The need for organisations to transform and evolve is well documented; whether it is to keep up or ahead of their competitors, attract or retain customers, reduce costs or simply remain relevant in this ever-changing environment. At the core of this change lies Disruption. Transformation may be the effect, but disruption is the cause — external, from customers and competitors and internal, from changing requirements of employees and the boardroom. With this in mind, the theme for the CIO Conference 2017 is Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Transformation.

For business leaders, the interdependence of digital transformation, 3rd platform and IT leadership will become the essential "trinity" for success. Whether your organisation is a large enterprise, a SMB, service provider or a government entity; there are three clusters that you would fall into: digital transformers, technology optimisers and technology disruptors.

Digital transformers: organisations which are at the forefront of transforming the business. Their priorities include both, business process transformation and new monetisation model creation.

Technology optimisers: organisations which are driving modernisation initiatives focusing on cost optimisation and process automation.

Technology disruptors: organisations which are embracing technologies that drive new market spaces and largescale opportunities. These organisations focus on how technologies drive their businesses forward as opposed to how their businesses can be transformed by technologies.

For an enterprise to thrive, there are five digital masteries to attain. They are Modernisation, Transformation, Experience, Workspace and Ecosystem. The CIO Conference 2017 will gather leaders from the technology, finance, marketing and business leadership teams to learn, share and discuss these five key masteries.

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