The CIO Awards 2017 have now closed. Information on the winners can be found here. Thanks to all of the nominees.

What are the CIO Awards?

The CIO Awards are the annual listing of the top IT projects carried out in Asia over the past 12 months. The CIO Awards are brought to you by CIO Asia Magazine and are now in their 16th year. The awards celebrate excellence in five categories: Innovation, Transformation, Leadership, Growth and Performance.

When do they run?

The nomination period for the CIO Awards runs from October 2016 until January 2017. The winners are announced in February 2017 and are awarded to the winners during the CIO Conference in their respective series.

How are the projects judged?

The projects are judged by the editorial team at CIO Asia and cover an extensive range of criteria ranging from demonstrating best practice in IT & project management, business & technology innovation, increases in stakeholder & customer value, cost management and quantifiable ROI.

How do you nominate?

The nomination form can be downloaded on the right. Alternatively you can email or call +65 6395 8037 to request for a form to be emailed to you.

Why should you nominate?

Implementing an IT project is hard, with many hidden pitfalls. Unsuccessful projects can be national news, but successful projects rarely get their time in the spotlight. In this age of massive technology disruption, the power of IT should be celebrated. So should the organisations that are making these changes, and the teams and individuals that are making this happen. The CIO Awards are the perfect platform for organisations to raise awareness for the excellent work they are doing, highlight their value to the business and demonstrate that they are the proven change agents.

What are the categories?

The judges will be deciding on one winner for each of the following categories, for a total of five CIO Award winners.


Projects that stand out in solving business and operational technology challenges in new or different ways will be assessed under this category.


This category looks for projects that help elevate an organisation's operations to bring about marked changes in customer service, business process, operational efficiency, technology implementation and/or technology use.


This category looks for projects that demonstrate how organisations have successfully leveraged technology to become a leader in their industries or markets.


Effective planning, investment and deployment of resources to meet expansionary objectives such as a growing workforce, new offices, or increasing customer base, will be the focus here.


This category looks for an outstanding project that demonstrated how streamlining, consolidating and working smarter have achieved excellent results for the organisation.

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