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Apple-Samsung trial: Highs and lows

Kartik Sharma | Aug. 30, 2012
Finally, it is decided. The California Court gave the much-awaited verdict when it declared that Samsung must pay Apple US$1.05 billion, a significant amount though it is much less than the Korean company's net annual profits solely in US.

 July 08, 2012: Samsung Works on Anti-Apple Legal Plan With Google

 While Samsung was applying different tricks to assail Apple from all the corners, the trial was going on in the US court. Meanwhile, it was reported that Samsung and its android partner Google were ganging up to fight Apple. The two companies formed a united front following a US court's decision to grant a preliminary injunction against the Galaxy Nexus Smartphone.

 July 19, 2012: Judge Orders Apple to Admit That Samsung is No Copycat

 The aggressive legal efforts by Samsung at various fronts paid off. Samsung complained to court about Apple maligning its image while the matter was still sub judice. Reacting to this, the California judge ordered Apple to post notices on its website and in British newspapers that Samsung didn't copy Apple's iPad's design when creating its computer tablets.

 July 22, 2012: Apple Pledges to Appeal against Court-Ordered Samsung Adverts

 Following the court's announcement, Apple's legal team pledged to appeal the original ruling, made on 9 July, and that Judge Birss granted Apple permission to take its case to the court of appeal, although Apple has declined to make a public statement following the more recent order.

 July 23, 2012: Apple, Samsung Agree to Drop Some Patent Claims

 Around the same time, Apple and Samsung agreed to drop some of the patent infringement claims they have filed against each other. The move was taken to help simplify the litigation between the two companies when it goes in front of a California jury again.

 July 24, 2012: Apple Seeks 'Billions of Dollars' From Samsung

 The next day Apple announced its decision to seek billions of dollars in damages from Samsung when the high-profile patent lawsuit between the companies goes in front of a California jury.

 "Samsung has reaped billions of dollars in profits and caused Apple to lose hundreds of millions of dollars through its violation of Apple's intellectual property," Apple's trial brief claimed.

 August 09, 2012: Samsung's Chances of Court Penalty in the Patent Case Increase

 These continuous attacks by Apple were forcefully weakening Samsung's case. It was out in the industry that the Korean company could face penalties after one of its lawyers involved in the patent battle against Apple admitted that she hadn't filed the paperwork necessary to practice law in front of the court.

 August 20, 2012: Jury to Face 700+ Questions on the Verdict Form

 By now, it was confirmed that the trial is at the end of its journey. It was not an easy job for jury to produce the judgment. The verdict form, a tentative version of which was filed to the San Jose District Court, ran to 22 pages and had 36 main questions. But the devil was in the details: Because there are so many patents, products, and company subsidiaries involved, there were more than 700 individual questions to consider.


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