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Will there be a jobless recovery for IT in 2011?

Carolyn Duffy Marsan | Jan. 3, 2011
Will there be a jobless recovery for IT in 2011?

Silver says job postings for two high-tech hotspots - Silicon Valley and New York City - are up 30% compared with a year ago. Another positive trend is that 60% of's tech job listings are for full-time positions, compared with 57% a year ago.

The two IT skills that are most in demand on Dice's Web site are Java programming and Oracle (ORCL) database management.

But the fastest-growing need is for mobile application developers.

"You can get a job if you know something about how to program Android or iPhones. Those jobs weren't even being listed a year ago. The number of positions looking for Android skill sets is 700 today," Silver says. "It's the same thing with cloud computing...I would expect that trend to continue going forward."

Silver admits that the opportunities for IT professionals aren't nearly as numerous as they were in the summer of 2007, when listed 100,000 tech jobs. But it's a lot better than it was a year ago, when only 47,000 tech jobs were posted.

"The outlook has improved for most employers. Projects that had been put on hold are now being green lighted, and companies realize that they have to upgrade their systems," Silver says. "They have to do things to make their business competitive, and that's going to continue."


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