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Why seeking perfection in security actually increases risk

Michael Santarcangelo | June 9, 2016
Lance James shares experience and insights on the often hidden risk of chasing perfection with steps security leaders can take to avoid common mistakes

a.     This industry is founded on integrity - and sometimes we were too honest in the beginning telling everyone what they did wrong and how they are insecure. But... now it's gone to us shifting or not wanting the accountability. Feel pride in your work, through accountability, honesty, and the thirst for knowledge and what you don't know but could.

4)     Our InfoSec field is very negative - we get it, everyone is insecure and vulnerable (puns intended), but what is that serving you? Fear, uncertainty, and doubt? How is that working out in the long run? We all want something different and know it and feel it, so let's do something different. Focus on your strengths, build a team around your weaknesses.

5)     Again, hackers were born from curiosity and persistence - a child-like mind. Why not be that again? We are all learning, and this is a daunting field with many unforeseen possibilities ahead of us, so let's take them on one at a time with a beginner's mind.

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