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Why a CIO should work with the CMO to drive change

Chloe Dobinson | Oct. 6, 2016
We look at why the CIO should work with the Chief Marketing Officer in building a stronger brand for the business and improving customer engagement.

The increasing responsibility of a CIO will need to find new ways of enhancing creativity within their digital team. The customer focused strategy will establish that the CIO and the CMO have the consumer's interests at the core of the organisation's digital vision.  

Audience Content

IT spending is shifting from on-premise hardware to digital technologies, with 17% of IT budgets being spent on hosted/cloud-based service projects in 2017.

A CMO's responsibility will focus on ensuring business growth; while a CIO's role requirement needs to turn technology into growth. This collaboration between the two roles will see a better functionality in the digital and marketing strategy.

Audience content such as social media, forums and blogs have generated revenues in giving consumers a more personalised customer experience.  

Marketing to the customers' needs through the use of digital content has been cited by several businesses, and Chief Productivity Officer Brian Franz is using leadership skills to co-align with the CMO helping to 'accelerate' the digital marketing capabilities at Diageo.

"Our goal is to enhance and strengthen our global capabilities and excellence in digital, and to ingrain it into the fabric of what we do," he said.

Chief Productivity Officer Franz has 'defined' an ambition and a 'strategic' framework in order to link Diageo's digital marketing activities to their customer's journey.

"In order for us to do this we are building digital capabilities and services for our markets and brand teams while also seeing a budding relationship between the two departments," Franz said.

CMOs can analyse the data collected and understand the diversity of their customers in giving a better knowledge of the business strategy.

Stronger cross teams and better branding

A broader view of the business and a collaboration of the CIO and CMO can help build a stronger cross team across the departments.

Both the CIO and CMO role need to be aware of the changing consumer expectations in ensuring the business can get ahead of its competitors.

For a CIO and CMO it is collaboration between the technology and marketing department with an increase of skills. Overall it will give the organisation a unified approach in both departments working towards to a customer-focused business goal.

Source: CIO UK 


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