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U.S. Federal CIO Tony Scott reveals his biggest achievements

Thomas Macaulay | Feb. 6, 2017
He also offers advice to his incoming replacement to serve under Donald Trump

"What we tried to do there is shift from an older model to one of more risk-based assessment rather than checklist, and also one of making sure that federal CIOs are focused on implementing FITARA the right way, on creating visibility and transparency and continuous upgrade as a set of core principles around how federal IT is managed," he said.

"Probably the other big one that again based on number of calories expended as you know was FITARA, and that really was a very very important piece in terms of recognising the importance of IT and getting good governance in place across the CXO suite in federal agencies."

Looking ahead

Scott is putting together a 'State of Federal IT' report to help ease his successor into the new role.

"The idea behind it was, when I came on less than two years ago, there was no place I could go to sort of understand what was going on across this now very large enterprise and I had to run around and ask a lot of questions of a lot of people and you still only got a partial view of the picture," he explained.

"So pretty much a few months in I decided that one of the things that I really wanted to do for my successor was a vehicle to create a more comprehensive picture of where things are."

A CIO for President Trump

Scott has few concerns about the federal tech team that will serve under President Trump, but offered some brief advice on the challenges ahead.

"Tech continues to play an increasingly important role in every major institution in the world and the government's no exception," he said.

"I think you can count on very predictably that it's going to keep increasing, and so bringing people into the federal workforce that are tech-savvy and have a bunch of other skills as well is very important.

"We need people that represent all aspects of life in our country and that bring with them tech-savvy to work on housing, to work on our foreign policy, to work on domestic issues, you've got to have some strong tech-awareness and technology-background to really effectively take on some of the challenges that inevitably will face our government."

Source: CIO UK


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