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Two perspectives on social media for security leaders

Michael Santarcangelo | April 20, 2016
Brian Reed and Ian Amit from ZeroFox blend two unique perspectives and experience on social media into an action plan for security leaders

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What are you doing about social media?

Aside from your personal accounts, how are you helping secure social media in your organization? Have you figured out how to use it as a tool for better security?

Security leaders are in a tough spot when it comes to social media. Social media carries risk. Social media also carries value to marketing and sales (and security, too - read below). Trying to balance the risk with the reward and productively include security is a struggle.

Enter Brian Reed and Ian Amit from ZeroFox (@zerofox). I met Ian at InfoSec Worldand chatted over a lunch. I wanted to learn more - and we added in Brian. A first for the POV series (two guests), it was a fantastic blend of perspectives -- precisely what we need to advance how we protect social media in the enterprise.

For context, Brian Reed (LinkedIn@reed_on_the_run) is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of ZeroFox. A Startup product guy and veteran CMO who sees a critical inflection point at the intersection of social media and cyber security. His experience in the space shows in the discussion - and it should. He hails from the early days as a BlackBerry partner to the massive growth of MDM and security at Good Technology working with the world's most highly regulated and risk averse companies and government agencies.

Ian Amit (LinkedIn@iiamit) is the VP of Security forZeroFox. A a hacker and veteran of infosec with over 20 years in the industry. His experience spans consulting, hands-on offensive and defensive roles, development, product management, as even some entrepreneurial experience. You might have read his research or taken in his talks at the myriad of security conferences.

Their blended experience was the perfect backdrop to a discussion about social media in the enterprise and what we need to think about to advance security. We started by talking about the level of awareness of social media as a security risk. Brian and Ian shared compatible, yet different perspectives.

We talked about a 60-40 split in terms of whether this is a blind spot versus a welcome discussion about a known challenge. What does this reveal about how to start internal conversations?

Point of view and experience are critical here. Social media may appear either as a blind spot or a known issue depending on your role. It's evident when Brian and Ian sit together and look at things based on our own experiences. Brian hails from marketing and knows more about the impact and potential of social media than most people. Ian's red-team perspective reveals the power of social media to profile and target individuals inside an organization in a highly effective manner.


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