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Towards Executive Harmony

Ross Storey | April 26, 2011
Editor's note

Judging from the annual ‘Great Debates’ held in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong in March, enterprise C-suites in Asia have some work to do to achieve business-IT alignment and executive harmony.

For the past three years, we have organised an annual ‘Great Debate’ to provide a fresh aspect to our flagship annual CIO conferences and for this year, the proposition was that “CIOs are now true business technologists who are properly valued by the enterprises’.

Not so, according to our conference delegates in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong, who overwhelmingly voted the negative team as the winners in all countries. In both events, more than 80 per cent of our audiences supported the No team, which could be due to the skill of the debate team members, or is it an indication of a broader malaise?

Our most recent CIO Asia magazine research found that CIOs still feel they are not valued properly, are not involved early enough in business decisions and are just too busy keeping the IT wheels turning to be innovators. Take note CEOs and CFOs.
These are not new issues, but perhaps they indicate that CIOs today need to firmly ‘claim their turf’ and become more ‘pushy’ in demanding more involvement in the executive C-suite decision making.

Some interesting, and sometimes tongue-in-cheek, definitions of CIOs emerged at the conferences. Does CIO stand for ‘Creative Integration Officer”, ‘Career Is Over’ or ‘Continuing Income Opportunities’? Each of these positions was argued by presenters and debaters, as you will see in our comprehensive reports inside (page 32). Presenters agreed that ‘The need for a decisive technology executive is now more than it has ever been’.

Of course, this issue also highlights our annual prestigious CIO 100 ‘Tech Success” Index (page 12) – with our independent judges selecting the most value-adding IT projects across the region for the past year. And, ‘The Courageous Five’ our annual CIO Award winners, are also revealed and profiled inside (page 38).

May you learn some valuable strategies from our latest winners and may executive prosperity fill your year to come.


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