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Top 10 ways to have your project end up in court

David Taber | Aug. 10, 2015
David Letterman may be off the air, but his Top 10 List format remains in the comedic canon. In his honor, here’s David Taber-man’s Top 10 list of these worst practices for agile projects.

And the #1 way to make sure your project ends up in court...

1. Don't monitor your own budget and pay little attention at status reviews

Ignore invoices and progress-against-goals reports. Make sure the integrator doesn't know you are not paying attention. Don't ask questions at project review meetings. Delete emails that bore you. The vendor is there to deliver, so the details and consequences of project management are not your problem. As the project nears its deadline, insist on extra consultant personnel on site without giving any written authorization for extra charges.

Before I say anything more, I have to make it really clear that I'm not an attorney, and none of this is to be construed or used as legal advice. (Yes, my lawyer made me write that.) So get counsel from counsel about the best ways to remedy or prevent the issues above.

As I said at the start, projects that are deeply troubled have problems rooted in the behavior of both the client and the consultant. Next time, I'll have a Top 10 list for consultants to make sure they end up in court, too.


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