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Tim Parsons, chief innovation and operating officer, Quickflix

Byron Connolly | Nov. 28, 2012
It's quite plausible that Tim Parsons is the only Australian technology specialist who can lay claim to being part of a research team that has helped improve safety for spacecraft re-entering the Earth's atmosphere.

Say hello to Hollywood

In 2009, Parsons moved to Quickflix as CTO and for the past six months, he has been chief innovation and operating officer.

Quickflix streams movies and television episodes to tablets, smartphones, games consoles and Web-connected TVs used by just over 129,000 subscribers across Australia and New Zealand with a plan to reach 1 million in the next few years, which would take the company to a "break even" point.

However, Quickflix's future is under a cloud following a management shakeup earlier this week. Quickflix's CEO Chris Taylor resigned and will leave the company in March 2013 to be replaced by founder and executive chairman Stephen Langsford. The company's deputy chairman Justin Milne and non-executive director Susan Hunter also resigned from the board.

Trading has been suspended until November 29 as the company negotiates future funding options and works through a restructuring plan to reduce costs and capital requirements.

Parsons was initially hired to launch Quickflix's mobile site and mobile application by integrating the technology with the needs of the business.

"They have solved a lot of the core problems around subscription and customer management, catalogue management, relationships with the DVD divisions of Hollywood."

According to Parsons, understanding how to position film content [for consumers] is "more of a labyrinth that you would expect."

"You have seasonal [purchasing] rhythms and specific new release titles that are coming out that require extra support and marketing."

His understanding of this complex operating environment has enabled him to move into the role of chief operating officer at a company that employs only eight application developers.

"We've done a huge amount with a very small team. We've built one core platform with 200 devices and got it approved by Hollywood, which is a big deal."

According to Parsons, there will be a "tipping point" where the average household in Australia will start to consider services like Quickflix.

"We're sprinting to fill the gap as hard and fast as we can," he says.


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