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​There are only two reasons for project failure

Colin Ellis | Feb. 29, 2016
The project sponsor and the project manager will make or break IT initiatives, says Colin Ellis.

The report, however, then went on to say that to resolve this dip, "organisations [need] to shift their thinking and embrace project management as a strategic competency for success.”

This for me is a chicken and egg statement. Only when organisations witness great project management in action can it be seen as a strategic competency for success. However, only by putting time and money into developing that competency can it be truly great.

I see it in my line of work. I have year-long capability development programs with three organisations to develop a culture of project management, whilst for many others I've spoken to, those kinds of approaches will never be funded.

So what next?

Frankly, it’s time for other project professionals to join me in saying that enough is enough. We need more self-awareness across our profession. We need project people who care about people and organisational success rather than sticking certificates on a wall.

We need behavioural role models. We need good news stories, lots of them. We need project sponsors and project managers who build teams that let our personalities shine and we need to stop applauding continued failure.

Nothing will change unless we develop the leadership capability of those leading projects, the project sponsor and the project manager. Until then, the horror stories will continue.

What are you going to do to correct the two reasons for project failure and to help project management lift its game?


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