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The War Against Ransomware Continues and We’re Not Winning, Yet

Richard Pain | April 11, 2017
2016 was named the year of ransomware, but as the problem worsens, what does this mean for 2017?

Firstly there are the organisations that simply are not prepared to counter a ransomware attack. They don't test their defences against this type of attack and do not think it will happen to them.

Then there are the organisations that are trying to protect against all kinds of cyber-threats, but are understaffed, under-skilled and overloaded. Whilst they try to patch the holes and counter the threats as they happen, the defenders have to constantly be on their game, whilst the attackers only need to be successful once.

It's also worth mentioning that whilst backing up data is crucial in defending against ransomware, it's also known that backups fail more often than expected, (which is why organisations need multiple backups, not just one).

Whatever the reasons underpinning a successful ransomware attack, cybersecurity experts agree that employing a multi-layered defence, such as the solutions provided by Barracuda Networks, is the only effective protection against ransomware. 

As part of its efforts to help protect organisations and individual users, Barracuda Networks has declared war on ransomware, working together with AWS and Europol Cybercrime Centre on the No More Ransom project. The No More Ransom Coalition provides a public repository of knowledge and regularly updated resources to help individuals and organisations fight ransomware, including decryption tools for some ransomware variants.

Only by raising awareness about the threats, severity and best practices to counter ransomware will IT security leaders and the global community win the war against ransomware.


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