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The No. 1 midsize place to work in IT: Ultimate Software

Beth Stackpole | June 13, 2017
This company’s “people-first” culture offers IT employees challenging assignments and family-friendly policies.

Quiyu Wang, 44, lead software engineer, says the 48 Hours program and the notion that the entire company got behind a developer-led idea like the Huddle app is a huge source of inspiration for her team of 12 software and quality engineers. “The last company I worked for would have been skeptical, uninterested, and not open-minded,” she explains. “Those developers are so thrilled to see their idea being loved by everyone. It’s so rewarding for them.”


Realistic goals, ready resources

While Wang relishes the opportunity to push herself and her team, she is also comforted by the fact that top management is realistic when it comes to resources and goals. For one particularly challenging project with an aggressive deadline, management didn’t cut corners or subject the team to a punishing schedule—rather, it was willing to invest in additional resources to get the job done. 

“We knew we had to work hard, but we also knew we wouldn’t have to go to the extreme,” Wang explains. “Other companies might make you work nights and weekends or sacrifice quality or people’s personal lives. Here at Ultimate, management listened to our concerns and gave us what was needed.”

Wang also takes advantage of training programs offered to Ultimate IT personnel. She got started with leadership training last October and has taken advantage of several technical learning opportunities as well as situational training to help navigate tough conversations common in management, she says. 

Team outings have also been an important component to her leadership preparation as well as for general bonding. Most recently, her team braved a ropes course and participated in the IS Olympics, including a cardboard boat race among managers that made for some friendly competition, she says.

Tales of the IS Olympics along with other company perks like the state-of-the-art office space, interior golf course, and on-site fish tank captivated Yapar’s nine-year-old son when he attended a recent “bring your child to work day” at Ultimate. 

That, coupled with his keen interest in computers, already has him asking when he too can work at Ultimate. “I would love it if he did,” Yapar says, citing the firm’s robust internship program as a possibility down the road. “I would encourage him to do that when the time comes.”


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