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The No. 1 large place to work in IT: Quicken Loans

Julia King | June 13, 2017
A strong corporate culture gives tech pros at every level of the organization the courage to take risks, innovate and grow their skill sets.

"It's just who we are as a company," she continues. "No matter where you're at, if you have an idea for something that can be improved, or a brand new idea, you're expected and rewarded to come through with those suggestions." 


'You've got this.'

Only a week or two after starting his job as a software/data engineer, now 10 years ago, Dan Jones found an issue with one of the company's data feeds. "It was one of those things where I thought a more senior person should take it on because it was a system that touches a lot of other systems, and I didn't want to break anything." 

Jones took the issue to his leader. "He told me 'Don't worry. You've got this. We believe you can drive it to resolution.' I was able to do it, and I learned a lot in the process. It really showed me the culture of empowerment," says Jones, 35, who is now VP of business intelligence and leads a 220-person team.

Brian Downey, 42, a systems architect who started at Quicken Loans as a help desk staffer 20 years ago, likes the ism "A penny saved is a penny."

"What that means is we're not going to let concerns over dollars and cents ruin our ability to innovate," says Downey, who has worked remotely from California for the past 11 years. "It means we need to be on the leading edge [of technology]. That's the antithesis of saving money. We're investing in the future," he says.

Downey's team is in the process of building a private cloud with an eye toward bringing back in-house IT work now running in various public clouds. An internal cloud, he says, will allow the company to enhance the programmatic development practices and move towards a DevOps model leveraging agile development practices that work well in the public cloud. "It's a speed thing," he says.


Big benefits and key perks

Keeping IT employees engaged and motivated with innovative projects is one of the many things Quicken Loans does well - so well that many in the 1,500-person IT organization say they wouldn't dream of working anywhere else. The turnover rate is just 6% in IT, and hiring is on: Quicken Loans IT's headcount is expected to grow by 10% this year, according to department managers.

CW Best Places to Work in IT [2017] - Quicken Loans employees
Quicken Loans employees (from left to right): Jason Slater, Ninad Kulkarni, CIO Linglong He, Sue Escamilla and Jeremy Drager. Mural: "Brummel" by Jordan Nickel. Credit: Quicken Loans

What also keeps workers enthusiastically on board are generous compensation and benefit plans and abundant opportunities to try out creative ideas and expand skills. In fact, Quicken Loans ranked No. 4 among all 100 Best Places for benefits and No. 5 for its training offerings this year.


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