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The Internet's outward facing threats to enterprise security

Kacy Zurkus | Feb. 16, 2016
Participation in the Internet brings responsibilities for the enterprise as much as for the end users.

Here's where the immunization analogy comes into play for cyber security. If you're thinking, Why would I care that some other victim is at risk? the answer is self-defense. In this interconnected, internet dependent world of multiple devices, risk is everywhere. The more concerned you are with the cyber health of all those users, partners, third-party contractors that your business interacts with, the safer your extended environment will be. 

A few other suggestions for best practices that allow protection from those threats, said Robachevsky, include closing the services that are open to receive requests from anywhere in the Internet. They should be open only to the clients in the network, when closed, they can't be used as a reflector from the outside.

"Using routing filters that prevent the network from presenting false information about reachability will help to prevent routing incidents," Robachevsky continued.

ISOC sees cyber security as a collaborative effort, and "If everyone pursues their individual interests, there is no common-the whole thing deteriorates," Robachevsky said. Only looking inward without caring about the risk they post to the environment is not sustainable. 

Source: CSO 


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