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The dangers of dark data and how to minimize your exposure

Ed Tittel | Sept. 25, 2014
As "dark fiber" is to the telecommunications industry so, also, is "dark data" to many businesses and organizations. These vast pools of untapped, largely unprotected data simply sit there, doing not much of anything for the bottom line.

Perhaps It's Not So Dark After All?

Given the right appreciation for both potential value and possible risk, organizations can deal with dark data to balance one against the other. Only by taking stock of what's out there, though, and only by employing a dispassionate and thorough approach to risk and exposure management, can an organization get a rope around its dark data holdings.

By digging into its dark data collections, keeping those holdings whose potential value outweighs its risks and deleting those whose risks outmatch its potential returns, an organization can be sure it's proactively keeping what may prove worthwhile in the future while jettisoning what may poison future productivity or profitability.


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