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The CFO—Friend or Foe

Zafar Anjum | Aug. 14, 2012
Notes from the CIO Summit 2012 (Thought leadership breakout session 2)

At the CIO Summit 2012, held in Singapore on 2 August, there were two thought leadership breakout sessions that ran parallel to each other in separate rooms, culminating in a final presentation by Cort Isernhagen, vice president, IDC's Industry Insights-International.

In session 2, the first presentation was made by Amos Tios, general manager of Toughbook Asia Pacific Group, Panasonic. The topic of discussion was 'Client Device Decisions for the Enterprise' and the discussion was moderated by Bryan Ma, associate vice president, client services, IDC Asia/Pacific.

Amos started his presentation by saying that today, IT departments are being asked to do more with less and the ROI (return on investment) factor clinches all arguments.

Keeping that in mind, he said that it is important that enterprises understand the true cost of devices. According to a research, the purchase price of any device is only 30 percent of the total cost. The rest (70 percent) is the lifecycle cost. Therefore, the true cost of a device has to be supported by the IT department.

After the presentation, there was some discussion on BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and how CIOs are responding to this trend.

  • A Citibank representative stated that his bank had a BYOD policy in place but there were no subsidies for the devices. Also, even though users were given some flexibility, they had to face some controls too.
  • Another respondent said that his organisation (Seagate) had a mobile only BYOD policy. BYOD was not allowed for notebooks as licences were an issue.
  • There is an unofficial BYOD policy in our office, said a participant. "If the C-level executives want to bring something to the office, you got to make it work," he said.
  • Applications and porting them over to multiple OSes was found to be a challenge by another participant.

The changing face of business analytics

The second presentation in this track was titled, 'The Changing Face of Business Analytics in the Enterprise'. Terry Smagh, vice president sales, South East and North Asia, QlikView, discussed the topic with flair. The moderator for this session was Craig Stires, research director, business analytics and channels, IDC Asia/Pacific.

Smagh likened today's business users and leaders to the hunters and gatherers of the past-the only difference being that today, we are information gatherers, who follow the scent of information.

This leads us to the world of business intelligence (BI) and big data (BD)-a segment that is growing roughly by 10 percent year on year.


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