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Technology helped build capabilities: Anupam Mittal

CIO India staff | June 9, 2015
Anupam Mittal, Chairman and MD, People Group, shares a few secrets from the success of his many entrepreneurial ventures, and his new job as an angel investor.

CIO: Are you also venturing into mobile apps?

Anupam Mittal: Half of all our new users are mobile users. You must watch our latest ad with a tag line that goes -- happiness is just an app away--and how a couple meets on a mobile app. It's our best campaign so far. A lot of people ask me about mobile Internet in India--look there's no other kind of Internet in India. All Internet is mobile and it will be so in the future. So one has to develop capabilities on that front.

CIO: How does technology tie all these businesses together?

Anupam Mittal: Technology, for us, is ever increasingly playing an important role. So for instance, as gets more and more popular, a lot of people try to misuse the site. Today, we have built technology that is able to sift 96-97 percent of people who create nuisance, and violate our terms of use. Every day our security systems block hundreds of people who try to misappropriate our site. That has been possible because of technology. Going forward, we want to eventually build technology to the point that becomes safer than the real world.

As far as tying all of it together is concerned, technology is not tying our businesses together. Instead, it has given us capabilities--for building a HR system which allows our employees to perform operations such as promotions, skills, and reimbursements, or build an in-house finance system which allows our employees to carry out financial approvals. The performance management system has also been built in-house keeping in mind what we think is important in terms of performance for building a valuable business.

However, all these capabilities, while they are not directly business related, they help growing our businesses very effectively. We are one of the few group of companies which has done this really well. So technology has helped us build capabilities that others don't have.

CIO: How are you using analytics in the matchmaking business?

Anupam Mittal: When it comes to and Mauj Mobile, analytics pays a huge role. Analytics helps us answer some of these questions, and so is very critical from a match making perspective. We have a CTO who looks after projects in the infrastructure, engineering, and product development space.

Going forward, I think cloud, mobility, and analytics are three critical areas and priorities for us. Cloud helps us reduce cost, but analytics and mobile are critical for the growth of our businesses. And that's something we are investing a lot in. Recently, we also doubled our engineering team just for mobility initiatives, and in terms of analytics, we invested in significant platforms this year. Those are two big areas of investments for us.


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