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Technology can improve quality of business meetings

Anuradha Shukla | March 12, 2013
Forrester report says 37% of employees spend more than one hour in meetings every day.

Organisations should use technology to improve business meetings as a new Forrester report says 37 percent of employees spend more than one hour in meetings every working day. 

Solutions such as conferencing platforms, interactive whiteboards, and Web 2.0 tools facilitate people to conclude meetings quickly and reach important decisions as fast as possible.

A survey data of about 10,000 information workers across the globe indicates that four percent of the employees are spending more than 1 hour in meetings every working day.

Analyst Henry Dewing notes that business leaders should focus more on achieving measurable results instead of putting value on meeting attendance.

Businesses can achieve this by putting across this point to the employees that meetings are a means to an end and not a result unto themselves.

Behavioural expectations should be set for the employees and more productive meetings can be set up by using technology tools. These solutions can be used before, during and after the meetings so that the results of the meeting are contributing to the company's bottom line.

Don't shift gears

Participants of a meeting should not change the agenda of the meeting and they should stick to a single objective.

If participants of a meeting change their objective in the middle of the meeting they will not be able to reach the goal they set out to achieve.

Meetings should be held in a different way for different participants as things change when people are in the same or different location.

Same collaboration tools cannot be used for all types of meetings as research shows executives with direct reports prefer video, while engineers tend to use email or phone.

Efficiency of meetings can be improved by using a shared calendar system such as Microsoft Exchange or IBM Notes to announce the time and place of a meeting.

Teams can also use shared storage solutions such as Google Drive; Evernote for storing and sharing background material related to meetings; and a wiki platform such as Atlassian Confluence to collaborate outside the meeting.


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