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Taking team-building into the digital era

Sarah K. White | March 9, 2016
Say goodbye to trust falls and weekend retreats. Custom-designed games are the new way to foster collaboration and team-building.

Marked success

The Go Game's clients report great success with these game-focused team-building exercises. One of The Go Game's clients, Melissa King from DPR Construction says that The Go Game not only helps bring new employees into the company culture faster, it also helps them see their coworkers as peers by breaking down the veil of titles and seniority. She also noticed that it has helped workers feel more connected and created a sense of togetherness, even though they have workers placed all around the country.

Terence Morley, director of Talen Development at NBC Universal's TalentLab echoes King's observations. Morley's team has used The Go Game to develop a team building exercise that combines challenges, team interaction, exploration and trivia to help create a stronger department. He says the relationships developed not only help bring a sense of community in the department, but also helps people further their careers at NBCUniversal.

He says at first people are hesitant about the "Classic Game" -- a game developed specifically for NBCUniversal's TalentLab -- but by the time they are done, employees are laughing and giving rave reviews. "What we've seen from The Go Game is that sometimes team building is just about providing teams the opportunity to have fun and be a little competitive. But in a really creative way. That's how you build relationships," says Morley.

King also says she has seen skeptical employees come back from the event raving about the experience. "The Go Game's professionals and Game format make it comfortable and fun for participants of all backgrounds to get a little silly," she says It's also helped DRP Construction engage new hires who aren't based at headquarters. "Now that we use the Go Game across the board nationally, we're confident all new hires are consistently getting a best-in-class team building experience. The Go Game makes it incredibly easy for us to "plug and play" in different locations with different contacts while maintaining the best participant experience possible."

A 'magical' experience

Gottstein and others at The Go Game say they've created a new type of team-building that employees look forward to. The company uses mobile technology and employs game producers to develop fun and engaging games that will be worth the investment, he says, "Play is the new secret weapon for healthy workplaces. When designed correctly, play can help us reframe problems, find new solutions, try out new strategies and celebrate small victories."

The games often involve employee's mobile phones as well, connecting thousands of employees with one push of a button. Sometimes it's to interact with a trivia game, or track progress during a scavenger hunt, but it helps integrate daily technology into the process. But, it's important to note, that while the game does use technology at the core of its development, the games are more about engaging outside of the digital world.


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