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Surmounting digital disruption through 3rd Platform technologies

Adrian M. Reodique | March 2, 2016
C-suite leaders from various industries in the Philippines gathered for the first leg of the CXO-CIO Conference 2016 to discuss how their organisations can lead digital transformation to scale.

According to a live poll, majority of the delegates at the conference viewed having many silos as the main inhibitor to their DX. When asked who should lead the move to break silos, Franco said that in Shakey's Pizza, it is the management team. He added that the topmost management recognises the key role that technologies played in the success of the business.

On breaking silos, Abel said: "I think partnering is very important for that. But if you're going to ask who should be leading you, I think it's more of the [business owner]."

Vibar added that in order to succeed in partnering, a company must prove that it could be a trusted partner. "It must have a proven track-record," he said.

When asked about their DX experience, Singson Que said that it is a challenge bridging the needs of the college's shareholders and stakeholders. "It's a challenge because now you have personal [and] digital initiatives versus the enterprise initiatives that you have to bridge, which makes things more complicated." As such, he added that they carefully study every project and regulation they will implement. 

For Vibar, the main challenge is teaching and encouraging their older employees to use mobile devices.

Franco, on the other hand, said that the company was really supportive towards the idea of going paperless, and they recognised the benefits that this project reaps. "Down the line, and even the management are excited about this change. Primarily, this is because we're taking away 60 percent of the manual task. The second thing that they are excited with is that they know the roles will evolve for what they used to do," he said. "The management is aware that we can have a better quality of data as we are now putting into a digitalised state [of] operations, as well as, marketing [the products]," he added. 


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