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Six trends CIOs must watch in 2012

F.Y. Teng | Feb. 2, 2012
Accenture says they are context-based services, converging data architectures, industrialised data services, social-driven IT, PaaS-enabled agility and orchestrated analytical security.

In the latest edition of global consulting house Accenture’s annual report on emerging technology trends of import to forward-thinking CIOs, Accenture Technology Vision 2012, the authors identified six technology trends that they expect will exercise the greatest influence on enterprises and the way they do business in the next few years.

At the top of their list is context-based services, which Accenture consultants consider to be imminent, as it is “enabled by the convergence of and easy access to many sources of contextual information, including soaring smartphone usage, the expansion of cloud computing, an explosion of social media participation and the development of powerful tools for aggregating and analysing multiple forms of data.”

Accenture’s CTO Gavin Michael, who personally oversaw the production of the report–Accenture Technology Vision 2012: Emerging Technology Trends for IT Leaders< >–said that senior information executives early to the game of leveraging “contextual data to build a deeper understanding of consumer preferences and habits are establishing themselves as strategic players within their companies.”

“They are teaming more effectively with functions such as sales and marketing and leveraging contextual services to drive new revenue and deliver more value for their businesses,” he added.

The remaining five top trends that according to the Accenture report should be on the CIOs agenda are:-

Converging data infrastructures: where data architectures change in order to bridge the old and new databases and systems, and to accommodate the rising need to share data more freely and easily, both with the intention of unlocking greater value from enterprise data.

Industrialisation of data services: leading organisations are expected to decouple the data from their applications and find a means to share it across their industries, securely and fairly, i.e. industrialise the sharing of data.

PaaS-enabled agility: not only will the platform as a service (PaaS) model offer enterprises the greater agility they need to operate successfully in today’s fast-changing business markets, but PaaS providers “will increasingly offer three additional components” to their services—“reusable business services, integration capabilities and extension capabilities.”

Orchestrated analytical security: progressive information executives are expected to take “a data-centric view [of] security” and run “the equivalent of analytics-driven security” to help combat the constantly increasing information security risks facing their organisations.


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