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Singapore companies not prepared for digital disruption

Anuradha Shukla | June 27, 2016
Juniper Network’s survey results from IT and business decision-makers.

Companies are not prepared for the impact of digital disruption, according to a new global survey results from 300 IT and business decision-makers (ITDMs and BDMs) by Juniper Networks.

Most (90 percent) of ITDMs and 93 percent of BDMs admit their organisation would perform better if their current C-Suite was more tech-savvy.

Seventy percent of ITDMs and two thirds (67 percent) of BDMs respondents expect a new disruptive technology, product or service to be introduced into their industry within two years or less.

Seventy-three percent of ITDMs surveyed agree that their C-Suite does not view the network as vital to company success.

"For over 20 years, Juniper has partnered with customers to embrace business growth by investing in network innovation," said Rami Rahim, CEO of Juniper Networks. "True innovation requires an understanding of the value that technology delivers. Now more than ever, savvy technology investments are vital to maintaining a business advantage. The C-Suite doesn't need to code, but leading a company strategy for growth requires a strong relationship between those who set the strategy and those who execute."

Obstacles to upgrading

Almost all (99 percent) of ITDMs and BDMs surveyed recognise that there are obstacles preventing the changing/upgrading of their company's IT infrastructure.

Ninety percent of BDMs surveyed admit they circumvented IT staff in 2015 because they were unable to offer the capabilities or responsiveness needed for a company initiative.

Ninety-four percent of ITDMs and 96 percent of BDMs surveyed agree that network and IT automation is essential for their company to be competitive in the future.

More than half of ITDMs (55 percent) and BDMs  (51 percent) expect a new disruptive technology, product or service to be introduced to their industry within the next two years.

"Singapore has seen strong growth as a regional and international tech hub, with a rapidly increasing emphasis on the performance, automation and openness which technology brings," said Ashish Dhawan, managing director, South East Asia, Juniper Networks. "It is thus crucial that companies embrace the digital disruption, with an onus on the C-Suite to drive stronger top-down understanding and adoption of technological innovation, in order to retain the edge the region has built up in today's highly competitive global landscape."


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