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Revisiting Jeb Bush on the H-1B visa -- and the displaced IT worker who asked for help

Patrick Thibodeau | June 17, 2015
Florida has a history when it comes to the replacement of U.S. workers with foreign employees on temporary visas. It ought to be a familiar story to former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who on Monday announced plans to run for the Republican presidential nomination.

Today, Emmons, who works as an app developer at a company he asked not be named, is not surprised that IT workers face the same problem today that he confronted more than a decade ago.

"There are very, very few in Washington D.C. that care for American workers -- less than a handful," said Emmons. "For the majority of the time politicians are lining their campaign accounts with corporate campaign donations" and only talk about helping U.S. workers around election time.

Of Hillary Clinton, the former secretary of state now seeking the Democratic nomination for president, Emmons said that at about the same time he was in touch with Clinton's staff about the outsourcing, Clinton -- then a U.S. senator from New York -- was at the 2003 grand opening of a Tata Consultancy Services office in Buffalo. Tata was the contractor at Siemens.

"The truth is, once the election is over, they do a 180 and create laws that actually harm American workers," said Emmons. "Neither party will do anything to help Americans work in America."


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