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Q&A: Tackling BYOD

Zafar Anjum | July 8, 2013
Be strategic, be selective, be secure and be prepared when it comes to BYOD in the enterprise, says Ian Gardner, APAC Enterprise Solutions Director, BlackBerry.

We believe that our approach to containerisation is commercially feasible for the BYOD movement that is rapidly gaining traction today.

How do you see the BYOD adoption rate in Asia Pacific? Can you give some specific examples of its successful implementation?

Through the work we've been doing with corporate customers across the region, we've observed that BYOD is catching on fast among companies in the region, as management starts to recognise the productivity, cost savings and other staffing benefits that arise from having a BYOD programme. A recent report by Ovum supports this observation, noting that over 70 percent of multinational corporations in APAC have BYOD policies in place to support approved employee-owned devices.

What are the main challenges in BYOD adoption in the region?

One of the biggest challenges is addressing the concerns that arise from the fact that personal and corporate applications are residing on the same device. For example, a corporate application may conflict with personal apps, causing either or both of the apps to not function properly, or making the device susceptible to security breaches. With this, IT teams are now challenged with meeting the needs of the enterprise and integrating internal systems with personal devices that could have conflicting programming. The ability to test enterprise applications on real devices to determine bugs and conflicts becomes critical.

Building onto the first point, another challenge which in-house IT departments are facing - especially in large corporations - is deploying resources to manage the entire BYOD programme. For companies which have thousands of employees, each on a different platform or device, the challenge can get complicated and costly.

Can there be a fool-proof BYOD technology? Or will there always be chinks in the armour?

BYOD is arguably a subset of the broader trend of IT consumerisation and as such it is a challenge for many IT organisations.  Our guidance to organisations is to be strategic, be selective, be secure and be prepared.

From a strategic perspective, this starts with the development of sound balanced policy as it pertains to mobile device connectivity to the corporate infrastructure.  Being selective is simply a reflection that the broader the choice of devices and connectivity options, the higher the support costs. Being secure is at the heart of what we do at BlackBerry and we see this as integral to any mobile connectivity solution. Finally, being prepared should include not only the enterprise mobility solution, but also the education of users in relation to security and common sense cost management.

BlackBerry has both extemporary experience in managing mobile devices and the services and solutions necessary for multiple platform BYOD deployment.  We feel this puts us in an excellent position to help our customers with the technology solutions, while they focus on the productivity benefits of BYOD.


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