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Q&A: BYOD is here to stay

Zafar Anjum | Aug. 5, 2013
There is no use fighting the BYOD trend. BYOD is further entrenched in the workplace than many IT managers realise, says Tim Harris, Managing Director, BT SEA.

IT managers should embrace BYOD by incorporating it into overall mobility and security policies. The key is to focus on securing corporate information rather than securing the device, and to establish continuity in security policies between laptops and tablets/smartphones, personal devices and corporate devices. Educating the end-users regarding the importance of security and having a proper BYOD policy in place is essential in protecting corporate data. When employees understand the rationale behind policies, they are more likely to steer clear of actions that could potentially harm the company and its assets.

How can enterprises take advantage of BYOD? What levers do they need to pull to achieve the benefits?

BYOD productivity gains can be reaped only if network services can successfully cope with extra bandwidth demands. Ubiquitous Wi-Fi access over a better network is essential to the development of BYOD, but 45 percent of employees worldwide still do not have wireless access to their corporate networks. Of those workers currently without Wi-Fi access, more than two thirds (68 percent) believe it would have a positive impact on their work. For example, it would make them more efficient and productive (31 percent); help them work more flexibly (30 percent); and stay in touch (26 percent).

Seventy-six percent of employees surveyed believe their organisations need to take further steps to fulfil the potential productivity gains that smart devices potentially offer. Increased use of cloud solutions (33 percent), greater use of specialist software (32 percent) and greater support for smart device users (32 percent) are needed to seize the opportunity.

What is your company's role in popularising BYOD in the region?

Understanding attitudes toward BYOD, networking, cloud and cyber security across the employee spectrum is an increasingly important step in making sure an organisation is secure. BT will be using the research conducted with Cisco to further strengthen our portfolio of security products and services. This will ensure that the solutions deliver the very best protection and that they can be tailored to their specific infrastructure and business needs.

One of the key insights gleaned from the study is that behind every great device a high-performance network is needed. With the right control and connectivity a company can deliver a great user experience on any device. At BT, we are working with more and more customers to understand and implement this coming of age of consumerisation and turn it to business advantage, reliably, securely and cost effectively. We recently launched a set of solutions designed to help organisations reap the productivity gains promised by BYOD.

For example, BT Advise BYOD Quick Start is a set of professional services that can quickly identify the steps needed to minimise potential risks and assess how prepared an organisation is for the strategic introduction of smart devices and BYOD, from policy to implementation.


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