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Divina Paredes | Feb. 18, 2013
“Change is the constant, change is the known. You know whatever you are doing in technology is going to change significantly every couple of years,” says Ben Robinson, CIO of Paymark.

Powerhouse of innovation

Owen McCall says more CIOs spending time with customers is definitely a positive trend.If you go out and spend time with your customers, you build that relationship and learn what they do and dont like.It is very hard to ignore what they dont like, says McCall, a director of Viewfield Consulting and a former CIO. These insights will provide the CIOs platform to fix things.For most CIOs, he points out the internal customers would still be number one. But as enterprises experience convergence of channels, move towards mobile technologies, social media and online, this will change.

The external customers will over time be more and more dependent on the technology we provide, he says.Over time, I think it will be much more balanced, he says.In the next three to five years, 70 percent will be internal customers, and the rest will be on external customers. But in the next 10 years, it will be 60 to 40, or half and half. That is a good trend.If there is a message he will share with CIO colleagues is this to focus on information.We call ourselves CIO [yet] we still tend to focus on the technology, not the information.

They are information problems, they are not technology problems, says McCall as he cites trends cited in this years report, including mobility, business intelligence, big data and data management solutions. We need to move to that information domain.Get the basics right, he says, and then you will get the opportunity to be the powerhouse of innovation. There are very few step changes in todays world without technology and information being the core of it, says McCall. We need to make sure we get those basics sorted so we can focus on information and be the heartbeat of innovation.

Other highlights from the survey


This years report is based on the results of an online survey in September 2012, with 563 respondents including 57 from New Zealand - who indicated they are heads of IT. For more information on the global findings, go to:


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