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New Research by Huawei Outlines Digital Transformation Best Practices

Richard Pain | Oct. 23, 2017
Due to rapid digital transformation, enterprises working alone will be unable to compete in the market, according to a new report by Huawei.

Hop: Set a strategy 

Every company needs to assess its digital progress in terms of users, planning, staff, operations, and innovation. In your industry, are you ahead of the curve? Or behind?

  • Users: Are you delivering a digital user experience?
  • Products & services: How much capacity do you have for agile innovation? Can you deliver differentiated products and services? Swiftly adapt to new, diverse demands?
  • Talent: Are you using digital technology to inspire and enable your people?
  • Operations: Are your operational decisions automated? Smart? Faster and better?
  • Ecosystem: Are you part of a strong ecosystem? Are you leading it?

Companies need to be looking for opportunities, breakthroughs, and innovation across all of these five areas. That is the only path to new business models and the generation of new value.


Skip: Restructure IT, put the customer at the centre 

On the road to digital, companies must first think of the customer. Target a better customer experience and design your digital transformation around it. McKinsey recommends that companies break open data silos to improve the flow of operations across the company. As Steve Jobs said: "You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology."

Transformation is a customer-centric process, not a self-centric process. Customer insight should inform all strategic decisions. Enable all departments to work together, make sure every step is a step in the right direction.


Jump: Actively engage with an open ecosystem

Digitalization is not a one-off project. Digital is a process which will expand the borders of your

company, and it will link your operations, people, knowledge, and things into a wider ecosystem of customers, partners, and suppliers. Innovative technologies and evolving processes will seed an endless series of new business models while elevating your efficiency, experience, and competitiveness. They will also create thicker links with long-term partners. Every company can use digital channels to wire itself in and become a better citizen in the open, beneficial and sustainable ecosystem. That is how whole industries will flourish.


Digital transformation is the necessary next step on our journey to the Intelligent World. To navigate this process, from setting the right strategy to introducing key technologies, companies will need specialist guidance and the help of solid partners.

Huawei is a pioneer and an enabler of digital transformation. The company has committed to transforming itself over the next 3-5 years, and that experience will be used to help guide other companies along the digital path. 


To learn more about Huawei' capabilities in digital transformation and to read the full report, click here.



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