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MindManager 9: great for project managers

Edward N. Albro | Aug. 20, 2010
Mindjet's MindManager 9, which helps you create visual diagrams of your thinking, may seem far more esoteric than Microsoft Office. But it's actually in a similar predicament to Microsoft's ubiquitous productivity suite.

If you're going to give a presentation based on your mind map, MindManager 9 has a new process for allowing you to create slides from any node of the map you wish. (Previous versions allowed you to move step-by-step through a map in a format optimized for a presentation. The advantage of the new functionality is that you can skip parts of the map that aren't relevant for your presentation.)

You can print any of the slides you create, which solves another problem with some mind maps. Sprawling mind maps printed in such tiny type that no one could read them. By printing portions of the map, you can end up with readable type.

Buying Advice

My buying advice for MindManager 9 depends on who's asking. Heavy-duty project managers who already rely on mind mapping will really appreciate this upgrade. If you don't care about Gantt charts and you're already using a previous version of MindManager, though, you probably don't need this upgrade.

If you're new to the field of mind mapping, you won't find a program with more functionality or elegance than MindManager. But you can certainly find one that's cheaper. I'd try one of those first before committing to Mindjet's price tag.


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