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Meeting the Technology Demands of the Modern Office Environment

Richard Pain | March 21, 2017
The modern office environment and the changing nature of work is putting pressure on IT to adapt, but this usually comes as a significant cybersecurity risk or expense; until now.


Balancing Usability and Security


This level of connectivity and sharing would usually be a red flag for the IT security department, but unlike most other smartphones, the HP Elite X3 comes with business-grade security built into its hardware. This gives employees secure access to the same files and software across multiple devices wherever they are. Plus, the X3 has the ability to segregate personal and corporate data, as well as the ability to prevent users from copying or sending certain data to users outside your organisation.


There are additional security benefits when the X3 is used across the entire enterprise, given that all users will be on a single operating system and identical set of devices. This has significant benefits in terms of patch and device management, two of the biggest challenges and vulnerabilities for IT security departments.


Business leaders will also be pleased to hear that the HP Elite X3 solution aims to extend the useful product life of the devices from around 12-15 months, to 24 months upwards. This makes it a more cost-effective option for enterprise than purchasing two or more separate devices per employee and regularly upgrading them.


Technology that supports modern office design


The HP Elite X3 and Modern Office Design


The HP Elite X3 presents a revolution in mobility that meets the demands of the modern office environment. By offering employees the opportunity to work anywhere, collaborate seamlessly and securely, the new modern office environment becomes a more sociable and productive place thanks to the HP Elite X3.

The next generation of computing is here.

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