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Meeting the Technology Demands of the Modern Office Environment

Richard Pain | March 21, 2017
The modern office environment and the changing nature of work is putting pressure on IT to adapt, but this usually comes as a significant cybersecurity risk or expense; until now.


This means that organisations wishing to attract and retain the growing proportion of millennials in the workforce, should focus on creating a modern office with the technology infrastructure to support their working preferences.


However it's not just millennials driving the shift to modern office design, it's also due to the changing nature of work. Employees across all generations now see the ability to work remotely, from a coffee shop, home or at a hotel as the norm. It then follows that if employees feel the need to be able to work where they wish, why shouldn't this principle extend to the office?


This is exactly the functionality the HP Elite X3 offers users. Thanks to the X3's wireless connectivity, employees are no longer desk bound, freeing them to hotdesk and take their work with them wherever they go. In a modern office environment, with minimal wires running around, they can connect via WLAN and whilst in transit or working remotely they can stay connected via 3G/LTE. This frees them to work how, where and when they want.


Using the revolutionary Windows 10 Mobile Continuum feature, employees can seamlessly segue between applications, big or small, allowing them to choose the right accessories for the task. Whether it's quickly checking emails on the X3, preparing a proposal on the HP Lap Dock or designing a presentation on the big screen via the HP Desk Dock, employees can use the device that suits them and their situation. Plus this can all be done without interruption or the need to transfer their files. Whether editing or displaying files, employees will have access to the exact same file and software no matter which device they choose to display it on, saving them time, increasing productivity.

The HP Elite X3 and HP Desk Dock

Above: The HP Elite X3 and HP Desk Dock, displaying images on a monitor without need for a separate computer.


The HP Elite X3 and Lap Dock

Above: Whilst the HP Lap Dock looks like a normal laptop, the processing power actually comes from the HP Elite X3 wirelessly.


The HP Elite X3's connectivity also improves employee productivity and collaboration. Modern offices are frequently designed with multiple breakout rooms with large visual displays, so groups can spontaneous meet and work together. The X3 facilitates this behaviour by allowing users to wirelessly connect to projectors using the Miracast feature, quickly displaying their current documents directly from the device. Employees can also wirelessly exchange important files between one another using NFC or Bluetooth - technologically enabling a connected and collaborative working environment.


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