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MedGrocer allows organisations to go paperless in managing medical benefits

Adrian M. Reodique | June 6, 2017
Jerome Uy, founder and CEO of MedGrocer, explains at the CIO Conference 2017 in Manila how their web application is making it easier for businesses to manage medical expense reimbursement requests without paper forms.

Jerome Uy of MedGrocer
Jerome Uy, founder and CEO of MedGrocer

MedGrocer, an ePharmacy and medicine benefits management service provider, is making it easier for businesses to manage medical expense reimbursement requests from their employees sans the paper forms.

Powered by assisted intelligence, MedGrocer's web application is able to collect and analyse prescription slips and medical receipts. Using the app, employees can simply upload a digital copy of their documents and send it to officer in charge of handling medical reimbursement requests.

"We use a cloud-based service so pictures [of prescription slips and receipts] are uploaded to the cloud. [The app also] has an image analysis platform integrated with it. So [the app] lifts information from a receipt, put it in a text file, and then dump it to a database," Jerome Uy, founder and CEO of MedGrocer, explained at the CIO Conference 2017 in Manila on 25 May 2017.

Uy said their database is also integrated with other databases. They include RxNorm of the U.S. National Library of Medicine, which provides normalised names for clinical drugs and links it to drug vocabularies used in pharmacy management and drug interaction software; a local drug database called MIMs; and MedGrocer's market data.

The platform can also analyse if the prescribed medicine matched the ones the employees bought, and if employees bought a sufficient amount of drugs. If there are inconsistencies, the platform will flag it up to the employee via e-mail.

"If somebody takes the wrong drug, if somebody doesn't follow his prescription or [didn't buy enough medicine], we can flag it up to them within 24 hours and say 'hey you've bought three antibiotics but you should have bought five'," Uy explained.

Moreover, the data collected by platform can help companies improve their health and wellness programmes. Uy cited, for example, they can identify the number of employees who have diabetes or cardiovascular diseases using the data. "We can actually pinpoint exactly who has what [illness], when they started having it, how long they've had it, and how serious it is. So instead of having a one-size-fits-all wellness seminar, [companies] can talk very specifically to the people [with] these conditions and ensure that they have the best care possible," he furthered.

Meanwhile, on the consumer side, MedGrocer is leveraging e-commerce to allow their customers buy their medicine online.

Consumers can use MedGrocer's website to search for the medicine they need by keying in keywords, generic names of the drug, or the general use. They can also browse the catalogue by generic drug name or category. After which, they can choose the form, dosage, and quantity of medicine before adding it to cart, and entering their contact and delivery information.


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