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Look at worker-types, not device-types for mobile deployment

Stephen Bell | Nov. 27, 2012
The mobile device is causing just as big a change in ways of working at the beginning of this century as the internet was at the end of the last century, says Kevin Noonan, consultant with Ovum.

The information consumer/producer -- a policy writer or a ministerial advisor in government, say -- needs a more sophisticated word-processing and spreadsheeting tool. Windows 8 is appropriate for this slot, Noonan says.

The data-intensive worker -- a statistical analyst, for example -- needs analytical tools displaying on a large screen with direct access to administrative systems.

These last two groups will also want to work on a mobile device and will appreciate compatibility; this, he says, is why the Windows 8 move is so important. "I'm not advocating that all these people move to Windows 8", he says, but they are identifiable classes and the need for compatibility should be a focus of discussion.

The fourth class is the customer-facing worker, who traditionally has operated with a desktop PC, but may in future move to a thin-client device.

If we talk in terms of worker types, he says, our organisations and particularly their ICT teams, free themselves from having to cope with the constant "avalanche" of new device types.


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