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IT innovation impacts business results in Asia

Anuradha Shukla | May 3, 2016
IDC study highlights business improvements due to IT adoption.

There is a strong association between IT innovation and business results for organisations in the Asia pacific region, according to a new IDC study commissioned by Dell.

The study highlights eight measurable business improvements as a result of future-ready IT adoption, tracked over a three-year period from 2012 to 2015.  

The most future-ready organisations in Asia Pacific and Japan (APJ) experienced over 50 percent increase in customer satisfaction/retention and growth in revenue from new products.

They also recorded over 40 percent increase in revenue or sales/bookings, on-time customer delivery, regulatory compliance, reduction in time to market for new products and services as well as new customer acquisition.

"The Future Ready Enterprise Index has shown that the most future-ready organisations are able to successfully promote agility, scalability, and innovation in their business through the adoption of converged infrastructures, cloud, big data and analytics (BDA) solutions," said Peter Marrs, vice president & general manager, Enterprise Solutions, Dell APJ.

Improved productivity
Future-ready IT adoption also improves employee productivity by 39 percent.

IDC has ranked 16 percent of all companies as Current Focused; 32 percent are Future Aware; one-third are Future Focused, while 18 percent are Future Creators.

While Future Creators are the most future-ready enterprises who lead with agile platforms and big data, Current Focused organisations are still focused on traditional IT or still at the beginning of their technology journey.

In Asia- Pacific, 98 percent of decision-makers from organizations which are "Future Creators" have access to BDA at the right time to a significant event compared to 58 percent of executives at a Current Focused organization.

"Being a 'Future Creator' in Asia Pacific is a clear competitive advantage, while staying 'Current Focused' tends to be a competitive disadvantage," added Marrs. "Businesses that pay attention to where they are on their journey and adapt suitable practices within their unique business context will make the most of their technology investment." 


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