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IDC: CIOs will push back on social media

F.Y. Teng | Dec. 3, 2012
And they will do so citing the uncertainty of ROI.

Customised research firm IDC rolled out its top 10 predictions in the social media space for the coming year on Monday (December 3, 2012). And its analysts collectively say, in their just released report IDC Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) Social Business and Social Media 2013 Top 10 Predictions, they expect "CIO inertia in misconceptions about social media and consumerisation to create problems down the road they continue to stall or make the wrong choices about both."

Claus Mortensen, Principal for Emerging Technology Research at IDC Asia/Pacific said on Monday, at the release of the abovementioned report, cited three relevant areas he expected significant changes to happen in through 2013: social business, "driven by new devices and operating systems"; consumer social media, "driven by the move towards visual and commerce"; and, online and mobile advertising, "driven by skepticism about the current approaches to gauging return on investment."

Noting that "social media will continue its penetration into the enterprise space...often without the involvement of the IT department," Mortensen said: "CIOs, in particular, [will] be the ones who push back when their business units ask for social applications."

According to him, CIOs will "feel that their skepticism about social media has now been validated [and] will insist on a proven ROI even more in 2013 than they did in 2012."

"This ROI is difficult to show," Mortensen said. "But this reluctance by CIOs may end up creating more problems than it prevents."

The Ten Predictions
IDC's top 10 key Social Business and Social Media predictions, which the analyst firm says is drawn from its latest "research and internal brainstorming sessions among [its] regional and country analysts" across Asia/Pacific (excluding Japan) are:-
1)      The Facebook IPO will polarize the social enterprise market
2)      CIO reluctance to social create islands of IT
3)      OS and device integration will accelerate (but its impact on user behavior at the enterprise will not necessarily be in the enterprise's favor)
4)      Freemium will undermine premium
5)      Sales impact will replace "likes" and followers
6)      Visual social will be the next wave in social
7)      Social (networking) platforms will be the next shop front
8)      The Groupon model will fade away but group buying will prevail
9)      In-apps advertising will emerge as the "next wave" of mobile advertising
10)  Over-The-Top content providers will woo the telcos


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