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How to win in the digital transformation economy: CIO Conference SG

Nurdianah Md Nur | April 10, 2017
IDC's analysts share tips on how CIOs can help their organisations become digital native enterprises.

Firstly, CIOs need to ensure seamless customer engagement. According to Whalen, omnichannel will soon be superseded by experiential engagement, which is the blending of digital and physical platforms for consumer engagement.

To achieve the latter, CIOs need to understand how consumers are using technology for their life activities and think of ways to tap on that. For instance, since consumers are increasingly using health and fitness bands, companies selling mattress might want to look into consumer's sleeping data from those devices to improve their offerings.

Secondly, IT leaders need to help organisations leverage data to create new revenue streams. This capability is key as "the data economy is one where raw data and other forms of value-added content will be bought and sold through bilateral transactions or through data brokers," said Whalen.

She added that CIOs thus need to be able to:

  • Locate, identify and acquire continuous streams of information assets in their enterprise;
  • Refine internal information assets and enhance value of information by aggregating external information; and
  • Distribute info assets through real-time control systems and channels such as industry clouds

Finally, CIOs need to run digital offerings at scale, said Whalen. This means that they need to democratise innovation to speed up innovation; and leverage automated assistance technologies that augment and support workers so as to improve quality. IT leaders should also look at deploying self healing, self optimised, and self organising systems to reduce operational costs.

To decide which key area to work on first, Whalen advised "picking the one that mostly aligns with the strategic priority of your business".

Ng added DX is not a one-off initiative and that it should be broken into bite-sized projects. "DX is not something you do just for 6 months or after a one-off management meeting. CIOs need to show a roadmap for it to demonstrate the vision from an IT perspective."

"[IT leaders should also] go for early success from smaller initiatives to reap confidence and benefits for the organisation so that they can get more budget thereafter. [This also shows that CIOs] are a key contributor [who will/can work] with other digital partners to surge forward in DX world," Ng concluded.


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