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How to win in the digital transformation economy: CIO Conference SG

Nurdianah Md Nur | April 10, 2017
IDC's analysts share tips on how CIOs can help their organisations become digital native enterprises.

Sandra Ng, Group VP, Practice Group, IDC Asia Pacific
Sandra Ng, Group Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific speaking at the CIO Conference Singapore 2017.
Credit: Prologue Pictures

In order to win and lead in this digital transformation (DX) economy, organisations need to become digital native enterprises, asserted Sandra Ng, Group Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific, at the CIO Conference Singapore 2017.

She explained that a digital native enterprise is one where executives and employees need to be familiar with digital tools and know how to utilise them.

To attain that goal, organisations need to first "identify the changing business models within the marketplace they are in today, as well as the market they will compete in future," said Ng. "[This] will be critical to the way they accelerate they digital transformation journey."

Secondly, businesses need to know the maturity of their DX journey. This will then shape the vision, strategy and how they operationalise DX.

Thirdly, enterprises need to determine an organisation structure/team for digital transformation. "CEOs understand the importance of DX and its urgency. However, [most of them today] can't figure out the right structure to put in place at the management and executive level so that they can bring the entire organisation along and accelerate the DX journey," Ng shared.

"While there is no right or wrong answer [to that structure], IDC strongly believes that IT should be in that team. IT leaders and practitioners need to [achieve that] and be a key participant that works with other functions to accelerate DX," she added.

Next, organisations need to create a balanced enterprise innovation portfolio. "In order to accelerate the DX journey, [you need to focus on not only] disruptive innovation, but also incremental innovation and adaptive innovation. Incremental innovation is about optimising your environment, while adaptive is about making new changes. [As for] disruptive innovation, it is about creating new spaces," said Ng.

Finally, organisations need to look for the next-generation Chief Technology Officer. "[He/she needs to be] able to bring together IT and new digital capabilities with industry tech to offer digitally enhanced products, services, and experiences," Ng explained. This is key as IDC predicts that by 2020, 50 percent of Asian enterprises will have the majority of their revenue generated from digitally enhanced offerings.


Three focus areas for CIOs

Meredith Whalen, IDC
Meredith Whalen, Senior Vice President of IT Executive, Software, Services & Industry Research, IDC, sharing the key digital capabilities for CIOs.
Credit: Prologue Pictures

Meredith Whalen, Senior Vice President of IT Executive, Software, Services & Industry Research, IDC, highlighted three key areas CIOs need to focus on to help their organisations reinvent themselves and become digital enterprise natives.


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