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How to pick the best requirements management tool

Moira Alexander | April 8, 2016
Inaccurate requirements management accounts for almost half of project failures. Aimed at helping IT and business leaders improve their odds for success, Seilevel, a business analysis and consulting company, has compiled a report evaluating 22 top requirements management tools.

In order to vary testing to encompass the maximized user and role-based experience, Seilevel’s evaluators possess a wide range and breadth of expertise and experience in terms of years, company size and industry, according to Beatty.

Other considerations factored into the report

While functionality was given the largest consideration for the purposes of this report, Beatty says Seilevel incorporated other factors in its ranking of the RM tools. Some of these included licensing and operational costs, software formats and versions, scalability, adoption rates, the capability to handle legacy data and integrations, and support for various methodologies. Some operational considerations were also taken into account.


As with any other evaluation, challenges and limitations exist. These can include specific business needs, user subjectivity and experience, industry, international business and cultural differences and unique regulatory or legal requirements, among other things. With this in mind, Beatty says Seilevel conducted this study taking all available steps to provide as much consistency and subjectivity as possible, while also providing vendors the opportunity to provide feedback if they were of the opinion their RM tool unjustly received a lower score in any area or overall ranking.

Beatty cautions that in addition to using Seilevel’s RM Tool Evaluation Report, organizations should also conduct their own due diligence to take into account other factors that may be unique to their business, which may impact the ranking order of the 22 tools.

The findings

The end result of Seilevel’s evaluation yields a list of 22 highest-rated RM tools, each capable of significantly supporting requirements management activities through various strengths and functionality. This report not only identifies the top RM tools, it ranks the tools based on core functionality, RM activities and processes, strengths, weaknesses and relevance of some functionality to specific user roles and corresponding needs. Again, Seilvevel indicates depending on business needs and priorities, the changes to the scorecard criteria can impact the ranking of these tools.

Among the list is TopTeam Analyst, Modern Requirements Tool Suite, Blueprint and Jama. To get the full list of the top 22 RM tools, including their rankings, the pros and cons, and Seilevel’s insights, you can download a copy of the full report.


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