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How to choose the right vendor partners

Chris Dobinson | Oct. 31, 2016
UK CIOs share their tips on working with vendors and how it can develop for long-term success in the business.

The collaboration of ideas and problem solving will lighten a CIO's workload when delivering digital technologies, and Red Bull Racing CIO Matt Cardiuex sees working with vendors as a great chance to see people "having their finger on the pulse" when it comes to innovation.

"I think having the talent to know what is possible for the delivery of products when forming a relationship with vendors," he said. "Having the guidance and the support from the suppliers as to who the best players out there are can help deliver the best products and innovation."

Red Bull Racing is currently delivering digital technologies using its brand name and sport to help it "push boundaries" in its overall driver performance, with the 2016 Formula 1 Mexican Grand Prix last weekend. 

"We have the culture of working to deadlines, but we also make a lot of our decisions on the race weekend. The more we research and engage with the vendors then we know as a team if it is a good fit to make better decisions. It is about having the foundations of the applications to enable a quicker development while also continually improving the business without breaking the bank," he said.

Working to a deadline is a must for a CIO and communicating dates to the suppliers can help maintain a successful relationship.

For the organisation the collaboration will evaluate scalability and timescale when implementing products. This will give the CIO a measurement of how the business and vendor relationship will work together in the running of the company.

Maintain the relationship

CIOs have become networking leaders in building several relationships internally and externally within the business.

Making continual effort with the vendors outside of their general day to day contact will strengthen their relationship.

Inviting the supplier to monthly meetings or scheduling a fixed date to communicate the progress of the product will encourage open discussions from both parties.

A two-way relationship of what is needed from both sides can help keep the project on track and stick to a deadline. Regular engagement will improve the relationship of how it could work better or more efficiently for future projects.

CIOs who have the difficulty of choosing the right vendor have a hefty task ahead of them but having a clear vision of what is needed from the organisation and the vendor will help in working together to provide an efficient customer service.


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