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How Myers-Briggs can create a stronger IT team

Sharon Florentine | April 26, 2017
Personality assessment tests, like Myers-Briggs, have their limitations, but they can be a powerful team-building and productivity tool.

"We talk a lot about diversity, and at the core of that is diversity of thought -- that's what drives great results. Now, Myers-Briggs and other personality assessments are just tools you can use to get at these deeper issues, and they do have their limitations. But it's a good general overview of how much diversity of thought and experience you have on any given team," she says.

Should you have your IT teams take a personality assessment like the MBTI? Obviously, that's a very individual decision, says Mohindroo; she doesn't believe it should be used as the sole decision-making factor when hiring or assigning roles within a project, but it could serve other purposes.

"I think it's a bit extreme to use it as the be-all, end-all indicator of success or failure. I wouldn't suggest any one assessment or tool be used in that way. But for conversation starters, fostering better communication, it's a good start," she says.


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